Naughty Derby naked Twitter challenge

I’ve only been blogging for a very short while but I have already learned that the vast majority of my blog’s traffic comes from my Twitter account @naughtyderby and the Twitter account of my gorgeous girlfriend @hollyshutterbug.

And that got me thinking.

I need as much traffic as I can get in order to be able to turn this blog into a viable business and the easiest way to increase that traffic would be to increase the number of followers that I have on Twitter @naughtyderby.

So that’s what this blog post, and the naughty photographs of me at the top and bottom of this page, are all about.

I want to grow my Twitter account as quickly as possible and increase the amount of followers I have to a level that would rival a celebrity.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean a superstar with millions of followers, I just mean someone famous enough to have the kind of Twitter following that is sufficient to drive sufficient traffic to a blog like mine.

After all, if the cast members of spoof reality shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea can have Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, the kind of accounts that allow them to make a fortune selling sponsored tweets for weight loss products, why can’t I?

Maybe I’m day dreaming. But I’m confident that if I had 100,000 followers I could easily use a voluptuous Twitter account like that to build a very, very successful business with this blog.

50,000 would probably do the trick but I much prefer to aim high and 100,000 seems like such a sexy number, don’t you think?

And, as a little incentive, as if you haven’t already guessed from the title, once I reach 100,000 followers I’m going to get naked for you and share my photos right here on my blog.

I’ll be known as the girl who built a business by getting naked in return for Twitter followers!

Shameful, aren’t I?

Although, you could argue that most of those Z list celebrities I mentioned earlier on in this post aren’t really doing anything that different.

So, it’s over to you now. Please do whatever you can to help me reach my goal. Retweet my tweets, tell your followers on Twitter to follow me and, if you have any Twitter connections in high places, let them know about what I’m trying to do here. It would only take a handful of celebrities to take notice of this and give my account a little nudge and we could all have some fun.

After all, you do want to see me naked, don’t you…?


Free website advertising and promotion for independent Derby escorts

If you have been following me on Twitter @naughtyderby for very long, or if you’ve been following my girlfriend @hollyshutterbug, it will come as no surprise to you to learn that Holly and I occasionally treat ourselves to a threesome with some very naughty Derby escorts.

Gorgeous girls like Abigail, PoppyChloe and Fiona.

And because Holly and I love these girls so much we have decided to launch something here at today that will help the best escorts in Derby reach a more discerning audience.

Free website marketing and promotion for any independent escort working in Derby.

It really is that simple. If you are an independent Derby escort with your own website I will very happily use my Twitter account @naughtyderby to promote you and Holly will do the same @hollyshutterbug.

This offer is only open to Derby escorts who have their own independent website. If you use one of the more well known websites that scams girls out of money like adultwork then this offer is not open to you.

So, if you are a genuine independent Derby escort with your own website and you would like some free advertising for your website contact me via Twitter @naughtyderby and I will happily promote you for free.


I’ve decided to rebrand my blog and my Twitter account to and @naughtyderby respectively.

I was previously using a friends domain name,, that she didn’t need anymore since she moved on a new and even naughtier career, but this was causing me a few issues with people who couldn’t or wouldn’t accept that a domain name could be taken over by a completely new blogger wanting to make a fresh start.

So, I’ve decided to get around this problem by using a brand new domain name all of my very own,, and redirecting to naughty using a cool little 301 redirect plugin in WordPress.

And now that’s out of the way, back to blogging business as usual!

Stay tuned as always to my newly name Twitter account @naughtyderby and

Building an independent British female blogging network

After launching this little blog yesterday it occurred to me that the one thing all independent female bloggers need is traffic.

Traffic, traffic and more traffic.

That’s what we all secretly crave isn’t it girls?

We want people to read our blogs and make our visitor statistics soar into the sky.

And then I started to think. I’ve got a lot of Twitter followers and my girlfriend @hollyshutterbug has got even more than me. Between us we were able to get a lot of traffic to this blog within hours of it launching. So, if Twitter is so great at driving traffic to my blog, what would happen if independent female bloggers got together and agreed to push traffic to each other’s blogs using the combined power of their Twitter accounts?

We could move mountains. Not literally, of course. But we could move mountains of traffic.

An independent British female blogging network.

Completely free. No strings attached. Nothing to pay, ever.


Follow me on Twitter @naughtyderby and let’s talk.


Holly Shutterbug

I couldn’t have launched this blog without the help of the girl that I love, the gorgeous and talented Holly Shutterbug @hollyshutterbug.

Holly, and her real name is Holly but not Shutterbug as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is a student at the University of Derby just like me.

And, just like me, she’s proud to be pear shaped, bisexual and very in touch with both her femininity and sexuality.

I love her totally and completely. She is an amazon person and touches my heart, and my body, in a way that no man or woman has ever been able to.

As a photographer Holly isn’t always the first person to step in front of the camera. She is much happier taking photographs of other people such as this photograph of me in my debut blog post but she allowed me to use her camera and her amazing home studio to take a few shots of her one of which I’m very proud to share with you today.

Holly, I love you and adore you. Thank you for helping me reach the stars.



Starting is hard

Starting is hard might seem like a strange title for my debut blog post but there is method in my madness, I promise.

Let me explain.

I have spent days trying to find the right way to write this, my first ever blog post, unable to find a title that I feel suits me personally and has the necessary amount of weight and gravitas to justify its position as my first ever blog post title.

Days wasted. My Twitter account @naughtyderby bears witness to the fact that I have let procrastination get in the way of blogging for well over a week now. And, whilst that might not seem like a lot of most reasonable people, to me, a typically impatient redhead, it has felt like a lifetime.

So, here we are. Me writing and you, hopefully, reading and maybe wondering why I came to rest on this particularly cryptic title.

And, no doubt, you are also probably wondering why a girl like me, a girl who is unashamedly promoting herself as a naughty blogger, very flirty, university of Derby student and in love with@hollyshutterbug trying to make money to pay off her growing level of student debt, is even blogging at all.

But more of that when the time is right. Now isn’t the time to justify my actions or get into a moral debate about whether an 18 year old girl like me should be being naughty and flirty on the internet. That time will come, I promise. Just stay tuned and you’ll see.

For now let’s get back to discussing the title of this blog post.

The answer is very simple. Starting is hard. It really is very, very hard. It’s something that I have struggled with long enough to know just how hard it is. And this is my personal blog. Or it will be, once I get this debut post out of the way and start writing in earnest so turning one of my biggest mental blocks into a blog post seemed the most genuine way to start this blog.

could have written a standard introductory blog post telling you who I am and what I do. However, you’ve already ascertained that I’m a student which probably does away with any need to tell you how old I am or what my financial status is. But, just in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m 18 years old and my financial status is poor starving student.

And that is where this blog, hopefully, rushes in like a white knight on an equally white horse and saves my financial bacon by promoting my amateur careers as both a glamour model and an escort.

That’s it in a nutshell.

My real name is Rebecca Bond and Naughty Derby seemed like the perfect name for a blog,  I’m a student at the University of Derby, I’m financially challenged, a professional redhead, proud pear shaped bisexual who loves sex, especially when it involves my girlfriend @hollyshutterbug and this blog is my ticket to fame, fortune and happiness.

Well, that’s the plan at least.

If, based on this slightly hurried debut, you like the sound of what I’m doing and want to come along for the ride please follow me on Twitter @naughtyderby and don’t be a stranger here at I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep you entertained.